Friday, July 8, 2011

Once More to the Plans

(This post is part of a series about my research of Fitchburg architect H.M. Francis)

On Wednesday, I began the long process of inventorying the architectural blueprints and drawings of H.M. Francis & Sons.
I'm expecting this process to take most of July to accomplish, but it is to be the last part of this year's inventory.

After this part is finished, more biographical research will be done about the Francis clientele as well as finishing touches to make the inventory accessible for all interested people.

One of the things that I pleasantly rediscovered was a very small collection of hand-drawn artwork by H.M.'s first son Frederick.
During 1890 and 1891, I believe Frederick was in Europe with his class from M.I.T. (he graduated from the institution in 1892).
Europe would've been the perfect place for Frederick to view iconic architecture and practice his drawing and painting skills.

As I spend more time examining these drawings and blueprints the more I feel them becoming alive.
I'm looking forward to writing more about my research throughout the summer.
Fig. 1: H.M. Francis with his young son Frederick (photo courtesy of the Fitchburg Historical Society)

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